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15 November 2009 @ 02:46 pm
Oh god, I'm alive. sorry for the fact I haven't gotten the chance to update in the last couple of months. A combination of school + slow computer is at fault. Oh, and a small icon batch this time. It's better than nothing anyway .____.

this post will be locked after one week. That's November 22, 2009

Batch contains;
❖ 11 Code Geass
❖ 18 Axis Powers Hetalia (Italy-centric, anime, episodes 1-5)
❖ 14 Sengoku Basara (anime)
❖ Total of 43 icons


15 June 2009 @ 01:22 am
OHOHO, I promised you guys amirite? Though at the horrible price of staying up rly rly late to give you guys this. And I-I have classes tommorow ajskdfhkajlh DX

Before we get on to the icons, I think I should pimp a wonderful community managed by my cousincarbondi0xide,almightytofu. She specializes mostly on icons related to korea, be it dramas, bands, groups or the shiz. I tell you guys: She is awesome. Just don't expect anime icons from her though, it's not one of her specialties at all.


more icons at almightytofu

ps: be a member to veiw her graphics

now on to ze icons 8D

this post will be locked after one week. That's june 22, 2009

❖ 64 Code geass
❖ 15 Dynasty Warriors
❖ 17 Skip Beat

❖ Total of 96 icons